How to Trim St. Louis Style Spare Ribs

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Great ‘competition quality’ spare ribs start with proper trimming.  It’s easier than you think; here’s how:

Start with a full rack of spare ribs.

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Flip it over (meat side down) and remove the flap of meat that’s laying over the bones.

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Next, remove the membrane from the bones.  It’s much easier to grip if you use a paper towel.  The back of a spoon or a butter knife slipped between the bone and the membrane will help you get started.

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Next, locate the longest bone by feeling around with the tip of your finger.  It’s usually the third or fourth bone in from the wide end.

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Insert the tip of your knife in there and make a cut parallel to the end of the bones, first one way, then the other.

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You will be left with a beautiful St. Louis rack of ribs and a beautiful piece of rib tips, ready to rub.

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